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The brainchild of a local family here in Christchurch with a hankering for fresh Mexican food, Pepe’s brings a new approach to this globally popular fare. Our key focus is to deliver Mexican food with fresh bold flavours, served with energy and infectious enthusiasm. A Mexican wave is sweeping the world and we aim to provide the surfboard for the people of Christchurch.

Traditional Mexican -vs- Tex Mex

The term Tex-Mex originates from America and gained popularity in the 1970’s when cookbooks where published showing corn-chip loving Americans various Mexican dishes. The term was first used in Mexican restaurants in Texas serving “Americanised” versions of Mexican food.

The key differences between the styles of the food is often found in the ingredients. Tex-Mex uses ingredients that are far less common than in traditional Mexican food such as certain spices and meats. If you go to Mexico expecting nacho chips, tacos and tortilla wraps at your every turn you may be disappointed. They are simply not as common as Tex-mex would lead us to believe.