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SalsaChicken – fresh off the grill

Beef Barbacoa – marinated in our signature smoked chipotle adobo sauce and braised overnight

Pork Carnitas – marinated in our signature smoked chipotle adobo and juniper sauce and braised overnight

Vegetarian – grilled veges with fresh Guacamole

Fill it with your preferred Rice, Beans and Salad options, and top it off with our range of freshly made Salsas and seasonings.

Consume, and listen to your taste buds sing like there’s a Mariachi band in your mouth!

Did you know ?

Food Pyramid

Pepe’s food is flavourful but not inherently spicy/hot (although we can fire it up to ¡Ay, caramba! on request for those that like to live on the wild side), and is perfect for those with special dietary considerations. We have a large array of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free options and because you get to choose all the way, our awesome staff can help you ensure that you avoid anything you can’t eat

If you’re looking for superb Mexican takeaways or want to want to dine-in, then Pepe’s menu is sure to give your taste-buds a thrill.